Flow cytometry

Garvan Flow Facility

We provides excellent cytometry services as well as expert knowledge in the field.

As an integral part of The Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics, the Flow Facility strives to expand its technological capabilities by supporting single cell technologies and expanding in high dimensional cytometry using cutting edge instrumentation such as the BD FACSymphony.


Technology & services

Cell sorting suite

The Flow Facility currently houses three BD cell sorters (Aria IIu and Aria III x 2) that have the capacity to sort cell populations in bulk, down to single cells in 384-well plates. These instruments are housed within certified hoods enabling researchers to sort samples derived from human origin in addition to samples of animal origin pending biosafety approval by Garvan Work, Health and Safety. 

We have the capability to sort in to numerous collection vessels including:- 15ml Tubes, 5ml FACS tubes, 1.8ml Eppendorf tubes, 12-wells up to 384-wells PCR/culture plates. All our sorters are optimised to use 70um, 85um, 100um and 130um nozzles, depending on the size of your cells. 

Cell sorting instruments are bookable via the Garvan Booking System. Our services include set up and operation of the instruments by our experienced sort operators.

If you would like access to our sorter instruments or have any questions about our service capabilities please contact us via email: flow@garvan.org.au

Instrument specifications:

Flow cytometry analyser suite

We have a range of flow cytometry analyser instruments from Becton Dickinson (BD) and Beckman Coulter as shown below. These instruments are also bookable via the online Garvan Booking System.

These instruments are user operated; to gain access to these instruments, you must be trained by a flow operator. Please contact the flow team (flow@garvan.org.au) to request access. 

Instrument specifications:

High dimensional flow analysis

The BD FACSymphony A5 has the capacity to analyse high dimensional panels (currently up to 28 fluorescent parameters). For information regarding the FACSymphony, please contact the flow team: flow@garvan.org.au

FlowJo site licence

The Flow Facility also provides at cost, site licences for accessing the latest version of FlowJo. This site licence is available to users within the precinct and can be obtained by completing this online form


The Flow Facility also houses a 3D printer and a laser cutter for simple development and prototyping purposes. If you would like to utilise these systems please contact the flow team: flow@garvan.org.au

  • 3D printer (3D Gence Medical: One)
  • Laser cutter/etching (Universal Laser Systems: VLS3.50 Desktop).

Contact us

Our expert staff are available to assist with flow training, flow data analysis, experimental planning, flow data acquisition and cell sorting or simply to provide advice.  Product testing, protocol development and collaborations are also available by agreement. For more information please email: flow@garvan.org.au

New users and collaborators are always welcome; please contact us for further information.